Hyper Routes SMS Gateway
Hyper Routes SMS Gateway is a fully featured SMS platform that provides first class routing and delivery service as an SMSC's infrastructure. It offers your business the ability to be with SMS-enabled feature thru our reliable messaging platform to drive your business to successful mobile interactions.

Services Features Keys
Hyper Routes Bulk Messaging Service has several features beside its basic ones, as our service quality commitment is our concern that's why Hyper Routes is running its service over a State-Of-Art system infrastructure to guarantee the highest system performance and services quality; SMPP and HTTP Developers' APIs, Web interface and Desktop application are also availabe for our clients to serve their variant needs.

State-Of-Art Infrastructure
Hyper Routes systems are running over a high reliable and scalable hardware and network infrastructure making our system availability and connectivity is always up which make our service is more and more reliable for our clients' mission critical business.

Service Quality Insurance
Hyper Routes has developed its own system software from scratch using the latest developement technologies; Our platform has a high messaging sending and delivery capacity with high throughput as well; the system can also react for several kinds of failure by auto adjusting and running backup and replication plans.

User Experience and Enhancement
System functionality and performance are vital features but it's not everything! Hyper Routes understands how to increase the interaction level between our valued clients and our system interfaces, keeping our clients feeling comfort and ease while using our services. Interfaces friendly and navigation flexibility are the main capacity of our applications.

Variant Service Accessibility Interfaces
Hyper Routes recognized its clients' needs, Web Portal Interface, WAP Mobiles Interface and Windows based Desktop Application, all have been developed for our end clients usage to serve their variant needs in the best comfortable way.

Developers' API
Hyper Routes also provides developers' APIs helping our clients to build SMS-enabled applications. Read more about Developers' API.